Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Small Changes....

I'm not good at change. I like the status quo! But, in deciding to get Fit By Forty, I've realized that there are going to have to be some changes. Some of these changes are going to have to be BIG changes, but then there are going to be small changes...don't underestimate the impact those small changes can make!

The two biggest changes I think for me since 1/15 when I started are hitting the gym so much and my eating. I am not eating the junk that I used to. That's a big change not only for me, but for the family as well. I will still make the kids something they like, especially when I am fixing something they don't like, such as fish. Last night I fixed salmon and roasted vegetables for Jeff and I, but the kids got Corn Dogs. I think he was secretly jealous of their Corn Dogs!'s blog isn't about those BIG's about the small ones. Since I started using the BodyBugg, it's all about the burn to me! Calorie much am I burning at any given minute. How many calories do I have to burn to get to my "Target" burn? That's the focus for me. So, here are some small changes I've made to help me get that "burn" number up.

When I go shopping, whether it's Wal-Mart, the mall, or Kroger (Kroger being my most often visited spot!) I park farther out than I normally did. This isn't much, but it's something. I park out, get a cart for my 3 year old to ride in, and then we go about our shopping. When I'm done I always take the empty cart back to the cart corral.

My latest small change is probably a big one for me, but in all reality, it's a small change. I have set a goal for March to wake up at 6:20 am at LEAST 2 days per week and take the dog for a walk. I walk from 6:30 until 7:00. Then it's time to rally the troops and get everyone off to school and work. That might seem like a silly thing to many of you, but I am NOT a morning person. It is a struggle every day for me to get out of bed. Once I got up this am and was bundled up and outside walking I felt pretty good. I hate to admit it, but it was a much more pleasant way to start my day than the normal drag-ass way I normally start out! Plus, getting the kids and hubby up was much more pleasant since I was already going strong. I made breakfast while the kids were getting dressed and then we all had a nice healthy breakfast together.

Small change with pretty big results. Plus, I burned a couple hundred calories before I normally even woke up, so that's a bonus too. That little 30 minute walk around the neighborhood got my brain and my burn jump started for the day.

Small change...big results.

I think maybe I set the bar too low at 2 days per week...maybe I'll aim a little higher...maybe 3 days per week!

On another note...tomorrow is my phone coaching with the BodyBugg coach. I have written some questions down, but I'm sure I will forget something. I am making lasagna today for dinner tonight, so I am planning on using the "Meal Builder" function in the program to enter all of the ingredients and then see how that all works out. As always, I will test that feature out and then blog about it to let y'all know what I think!

Have a great, bugging day, and burn, burn, burn baby!



geneva said...

Hi Lori,

great to find your blog. we started 1 day apart, I started Feb 20. I too love it and find it a great education. Today is my weigh in day - down 12 pounds! I don't belong to a gym or have a trainer so it's just me.

I related to your journey (not changes - steps). It is a voyage of discovery.

I started at so i also have a long way to go and have great hope with this new tool

~ Lori ~ said...

The interesting thing is how much of a boost that little 30 minute walk gave me this morning. It must've been a jump start for my metabolism or something. I am currently at 2150 of my 2900 burn target. I have not gone to the gym yet today; I have a group workout tonight at 6:30. Some days I feel like I'm struggling to get that burn target, but today I know it will NOT be a problem. Perhaps that walk at 6:30 helped.

Anonymous said...

Soon the dog will be getting you up to walk. I get my son's dog at 6 a.m. each morning - he lets the dog in the front door and the dog comes and jumps on the bed. The dog lets me sleep until 7 when he figures it is time to walk. If you can get up earlier, so can I! I will be fit by 60. :-) Love your blogg