Saturday, February 19, 2011



Yesterday I professed my day of change.  And so yesterday decided to toss me a nice curveball that may be a great excuse to delay that change.  My son came home sick from school…the school is seeing a flu epidemic of sorts.  LOVELY.

Well, I did not let that curveball deter me.  Oh, no…I strapped that body bugg back on my arm before falling into bed last night.  I measure out my multi grain cheerios and skim milk this morning.  I snuck off to Kroger while DH held down the sick fort and stocked up on Motrin, Tylenol, fresh fruit and veggies, and all of those healthier things that became a “staple” in our house in 2010.

Then I toyed with the idea of running through to grab an easy lunch, but holding true to my goals….I came home.  Oh yes, I came home, put those groceries away, and then made myself a filling low calorie lunch. 

And that felt like a small victory!

So then I walked/jogged on the treadmill while watching last week’s BLoser episode.  One of the things Rulan said really hit home with me.  To paraphrase it, basically he said that when we lose weight we gain back part of our life that we didn’t even realize we had lost.

When you lose weight you gain back a part of your life that you didn’t even realize you had lost.

Oh, how true is THAT!?!? 

And, in keeping with the whole accountability thing, I want you all to know that I logged in my breakfast, lunch, and post workout snack.  I have about 1100 calories left for today’s intake.  Not to shabby!  This easily allows me a reasonable snack between now and dinner and maybe even some fresh veggies after dinner. 

Pick the day, make the change.  You might find that in losing the weight you will gain back a piece of your life you hadn’t even realized you lost.

Friday, February 18, 2011

And here we go again….


On January 24th I blogged that I was starting over and ready to kick ass and take names.  Well, that didn’t work out so hot for me…once again….I failed.

Ugh….I hate that.  Really…I do.  But now here I am again, getting back on the horse.  February is a hard month for me but I’m sticking my chin up and moving forward.  Really…I am.  This time I really am.

So here’s where I sit…I have gained some weight.  I re-did my Body Bugg program today.  My new targets are in there and I’m not trying to go insane.  One pound a week is really manageable.  I think I’ll have weeks with more, but I’m going to look for one a week and go from there.  I need to hit one a week. 

Right now, I just need the scale to go DOWN instead of up, so I’m starting with one a week. 

Before when I started I preached about small, manageable goals.  I lost sight of that for myself, and I know that was kinda stupid of me.  But I’m back…I am going to set small, manageable goals for myself starting right now.


1.  Eat at home more.  Fast food (even the healthier choices) are a fast way for me to start spinning out of control.  I need to reel it in a bit, so I will limit eating out to no more than 2 meals per week.

2.  Log everything that I eat.  Everything. 

3.  Hit my burn, step, and activity target every day.  Every Day.

4.  Drink 64 ounces of water daily.

5.  Get my weight back to the 20?’s.  That’s right….two hundred and some number less than 9.  (told ya I had been bad)

OK…there ya have it…there ya are.  I’m going to write those goals down and tape them to my monitor.  I’m also going to try and blog twice per week.  The blogging is an accountability for me and I need that right now.  Hold me accountable…ask me how I’m doing on my goals…call me out if I don’t come through!

I hate how I feel right now….seriously.  I hate that my jeans are tight and I hate that my gut is blobbing over the waistband of my jeans.  I feel ugh and I’m ready to get the ugh out and move forward.  I’m ready to feel feisty and thinner again and feel accomplished that I lost weight and kept it off…I’m ready to see the scale moving downward instead of creeping up.

So……with that…..Here I Go Again…..