Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Muffins

I have decided to add an occasional recipe posting to my normal weight loss updates.  I think a key to successful weight loss is to be able to eat things you really enjoy, but find ways of preparing those things in a lower fat and lower calorie way.

Once again...Pinterest to the rescue!  I have found many great recipes while browsing so today I'd like to share one.  It's fall time and I LOVE pumpkin recipes...pumpkin soup, pumpkin bars, pumpkin coffees, pumpkin cookies....you name it, if there's pumpkin in there I'm bound to love it.  Great, except for someone who is watching her caloric intake, things like pumpkin cookies can get me into trouble quickly!  So, seeing as how I'm newly back on the diet train I thought I should just avoid all things pumpkin to keep myself safe.

Untillllll I saw THIS post!  This my friends is a fat free pumpkin muffin.  The recipe seems so easy I had to give it a try.  Here's all you need:

1 spice cake mix (you can also use yellow or vanilla, but I used spice)
3/4 can canned pure pumpkin (15 oz. can size)
1 large egg white
1 cup water
nutmeg and cinnamon (I just shook a little in...probably about 1/2 tsp each)

Mix all of the ingredients together.  You can add more water if the batter is too thick, but I thought it was fine using 1 cup.  Spray your muffin tin with Baker's Joy (if you don't know what that is, GET SOME!  It's awesome!)  Add the batter to the muffin tin and bake at 375 for approximately 15 minutes.  Ovens vary, so test one before you shut the oven off!
After I took mine out of the oven I sprayed the tops with a little "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray (you know you just said that with a Fabio accent....) and then sprinkled the tops with a cinnamon sugar mix.  There's probably less than 1/2 tsp. on each one, but it adds a little something!

Now, I know someone's wondering (that is, if anyone reads this blog) what the nutrition is like on these babies.  Well, I plugged all of the ingredients into my BodyBugg program and here's what it told me!

1 muffin
182 calories
2.9 grams protein
36.3 grams carbohydrates
3 grams fat

The original post indicated it was a fat free recipe, but there's a little fat in the pumpkin, and I figure 3 grams of fat in a muffin is pretty good, compared to a standard blueberry muffin, which packs in (on average) 27 grams of fat and over 500 calories.

As any decent cook would, I tested one to make sure the recipe was blog-worthy and it totally passed the test!  I thought these were great, and am really looking forward to enjoying one tomorrow morning with my coffee!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Still motoring along....

I decided that I'd weigh in on the 1st, 10th, and 21st of each month to help keep me in-tune and accountable for how I'm doing.  So far, so good.  I weighed in on the 21st at 239.6.

I'm in the 230's now.  That's a good thing...the number is moving in the right direction.  Next goal...get into the 220's.

I do have to say, I REALLY like the Body Bugg SP.  I saw lots of complaining on the old message board and even on the BB Facebook page, but no complaints from me.  Well, maybe one tiny one...you can't enter a custom food from the app, but you could go to the site in your browser and do it that way.  Me...I just wait 'til I'm in front of the computer and do it then.  I like that the SP makes it really easy to either enter right after I eat or even enter some food before I eat to pre-plan.  (Yeah, that's kinda anal, but that's kinda me at times!!!)

So, nothing really big to report, I'm just happy that I'm back on the right track and seeing the scale move.  I'm walking Monday - Friday in the morning pretty faithfully (hate getting up at 6:15, but it's necessary right now) and then logging some extra miles on the treadmill.  I'm thankful to have that right here at home.

I have been experimenting with recipes quite a bit.  I love Pinterest, and have found some great recipes on there.  Yesterday I made a Taco Soup that I found there; apparently it's a Weight Watcher's recipe.  It was SO GOOD!  Wow...seriously great.  You can find the recipe HERE.  I did make a few modifications, just because it was a last minute idea and I didn't have all of the items on hand.

I used Fajita seasoning because that's what I had.  I used black beans instead of pinto beans, and I drained the black beans.  I added 4 cups of water to the soup because when I made it per the recipe I thought it was too thick.  I ate leftovers today for lunch and it was even BETTER than last night!  And I ate a ton of it for only 500 calories.  Awesome.  Try it...it's delish!

If you're working on your health and fitness, just keep reminding yourself that you're worth it and you almost ALWAYS feel better after getting some exercise, so make that time for yourself!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trying to find the wagon I fell off of....

The sad reality is that it's really hard to lose weight, but oh so easy to gain it back!  It's just a fact for me...hard to lose, easy to gain.

And maybe for me, another fact is that I'm a little dumb and I have to learn the lesson the HARD way.  To sum it up...At 265 I felt like crap but didn't even realize how crappy I felt.  At 195 I felt freaking AWESOME and looked great, even though when I looked in the mirror I saw the 265 pound me.  Then at 205 I figured, eh, it's 10 pounds, no big deal.  But the thing I didn't understand was that at 265, 10 pounds wasn't really a big deal...at 195, 10 pounds was a huge deal.  And it needed to be dealt with.

But I didn't, and soon, 10 pounds was 20, and so on until I saw 244.

Craptastic....seriously?  244?  How the hell did I let THAT happen?

Take 20 or so reasonably good excuses, add alcohol, bad food, and laziness and you get 244....or something like that.

But now I'm back.  I plugged in my good old bugg and started back.  But, the old bugg was losing it's sound and kinda seemed like it was on the verge of dying.  Let me make this clear...it deserved to die!  It was used almost daily for almost 3 years.  It served me well.  I got on the website and saw that the buggs were on sale for $99...what a DEAL!  The sale included the SP and since I am the owner of a new iPhone 5, I figured now was the time.

My SP came last week and so far I am loving it.  Like my old bugg, sometimes the reading on my phone (or digital display with the older one) is a bit higher than the reading when I actually connect to the computer.  But, no worries....I am trying to get a higher burn than my target anyway.

I have made some significant changes to hopefully ensure my success (again)...

1.  I get up every morning between 6:15 and 6:30 and take the dog for a walk.  Some days we get a mile and a half in, some days less, but at least I'm starting the day with activity.

2.  I am logging my food...that's the hard habit for me to get into, so being faithful with that is a huge step in my success (or lack thereof).

3.  I'm logging my walking mileage in daily mile again.  If I can hit 50 miles in October I'm going to treat myself to a Shellac Manicure.

I'm going to weigh on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of the month to see where I'm at.  I started at 244 and today I weighed in at 241.5.  I am happy with that.  My first short term goal is to get into the 230's.  Any of you who followed me before know that setting goals to the next set of 10 was what I did before.  Once I hit 239, my goal with be to get into the 220's, and so on.

Here we go again...wish me luck!