Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Sick Week

Well, the stomach flu came to visit our home, over Spring Break, nonetheless. Wow...what a little bug can do to a happy home!

First of all, I must sadly announce that this week-long uninvited unannounced visitor threw me off my game with the healthy eating and exercise thing. Big time...

I didn't eat horribly, in fact, once the illness made it's way to me I ate pretty much nothing, but my exercise got derailed for the entire week. Sunday night my 8 year old came down with it. I managed to escape to the gym on Monday and Tuesday nights, but since I wasn't feeling great myself I did a less intense cardio workout. (treadmill and arc trainer only)

Then my 3 year old came down with it and exercise was not even on my list of priority items...there was much laundry and snuggling and cleaning up to do. So, it was time for me to realize that I may not hit the 2900 burn target EVERY day...and that's going to have to be OK. These weren't days where I was just not feeling like working out 'cause I'd rather sit on the couch, eat bon bons, and watch soaps. These were days that I was struggling to keep my head above water and reality was just that...reality. I had to face it and realize that missing the 2900 target for a day (or two...or three...or whatever) isn't the end all of the "Fit By Forty" mission.

Then I got it. This made watching my calories consumed really easy. I ate very little, moved even less. I decided that a day or two without the bugg strapped to my arm wasn't going to kill anyone. Again, not like I was laying in bed just being lazy.

Even after the worst of it was over there was still lingering stomach issues and my back hurt. So, still no working out since going from the bed to the couch and back was difficult. I also was not again, not making the burn, but not consuming much either.

Fast forward to today...we are one week post-barforama and I am finally feeling back in the game. I was hungry today for the first time since Wednesday. I ate more today that I had eaten in a while. I also took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. I wasn't walking as fast as normal, but I was out there and I was moving.

I've put the bugg back on. I'm logging my food again. These are good things. I will not let the minor set-back be the end-all of my progress. It is just that...a SET BACK. It's not the end...but a new beginning of sorts.

Tomorrow is Monday...I am ready to start the new week with a new focus...and that focus is getting back on track with my healthy changes. I will log my food in faithfully...even get back to measuring and weighing the food. I will get exercise...I will STRIVE to get to that 2900 burn every day. I will keep my calories at or under that calories consumed goal of 2050. These are my numbers and my goals...this is MY life and I am in control.

Don't let a set back define you...don't let it be the catalyst for giving up. See it for what it is...a minor bump in your path towards your goal(s). This is life...we are going to have days or weeks where things will NOT go as planned and it's up to each of us to move FORWARD when that happens...not to get stuck and fail.

Tomorrow I'm throwing in the towel....I'm throwing it back in my gym bag and getting back to my workouts...2900, here I come!


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