Monday, March 1, 2010

Hitting the Deficit....

Last night I went to bed thinking that I did NOT hit my calorie deficit. I had also not hit my calories consumed number, so I wasn't too worried about it, but that deficit number becomes a sort of game for us buggers!

See, I WANT to hit that deficit...I NEED to hit that number. My magic number is 2900. I normally refer to it as 29. The hubster will say "Where are you?" and I totally know he's referring to the calories burned number and not my location in the house! I may say 26, or whatever and he knows what I'm talking about.

We speak the language of the bugg.

So, last night when I was ready for bed I was at about 26 or so. I did some floor exercises but I wasn't getting the number up too much...I think I got 27 or maybe even 28 on the digital display, and then I thought......This is INSANE.

I am going to end the day in a deficit, and isn't that really the point? One day not hitting the 29 is not going to kill me. Had I gone over in my calories consumed number I may have been a bit more diligent about hitting the 29, but I knew I was around 1800 of my 2050 consumed so I wasn't too stressed. I decided to give it up and go to bed.

Well, when I got to the computer today and hooked the bugg, I was shocked to see that my final burn number for yesterday ended up being 2911. Ha ha...I actually DID make the 29. My calories consumed was 1854, of my 2050 allowed. That gave me a final deficit of 1057. My deficit target is 850 per day. I have hit and exceeded 850 every day since I got the bugg.

Today is the day of is the "official" weigh in for the Biggest Loser competition at the gym. Today I face the reality of the numbers that will be posted on the score board. I know I am down some weight, and that in itself is a good thing. Winning isn't the focus, but losing...hopefully losing a lot, but even losing a little is better than gaining, right?!?

At my last official weigh in I was 259 lbs. and 51% body fat. The body fat percentage bugs me more than anything...I am doing the strength exercises to build that muscle and get that fat percentage down. I think I have lost at least 5 pounds...perhaps more. I will post the official results here later as an edit to this post.

So, the lesson in today's blog is don't be too worried if you don't hit the target one day. There's always the next day where you can hit the target number and even go beyond to insure that in the end you are getting that burn and then some!


Official Weigh In at the gym:
49% body fat
At the first weigh in 2 weeks ago these numbers were:

I'm happy! I also looked through the last 10 days of my body bugg data and realized that I have an average over those 10 days of a 1085.8 calorie target is 850. Yippee!


Terry said...

Great job!! Keep up the good work.


Rebecca said...

Great job! That is awesome. I know what you mean about hitting the deficit, I did the same thing when I first got the bugg, and now I am trying to get back on top of things. I started a blog and will be following yours. Thanks for sharing your journey!