Monday, January 2, 2012


Here it is...a new year.  2010 was my year of weight loss.  2011, however, was not really.  I yo-yo'ed up and down and wasn't really committed to it as I had been before.  But, one great thing happened with 2011.  See, I, like most people out there have lost weight and then gained it all back plus some so many times over my life that I kinda felt like what's the point.

What's the point of working hard and then gaining it all back?

2011 was the point.  I didn't gain it all back.  I can now understand the power of 10 pounds.  I can literally see 10 pounds being the "wiggle room".

So now, in 2012, I'm not going to beat myself up over the up and downs of 2011.  I'm getting back to what I know works, which is tracking the calories IN and OUT using my Bodybugg.  I plucked the Bugg out of a drawer and am currently charging it up.  I created a new program.  I'm going back to what works.

I renewed my subscription, using a coupon code that Apex had e-mailed me.  I am now good to 8/22/2012.  I put my first new goal at 15 pounds.  That means 1600 calories IN and 2500 calories OUT.  Both will be a struggle, but I need to remember that if I feel that I need more food, I need to off-set that food with more activity.

I want to ultimately get into the 170's.  I really think that if I get there, I will be able to maintain that 10 pound wiggle room.  When I see the scale hitting a 180 number, I will have to be diligent for a few weeks or months to get back into the safe zone of 170's.  I will not let these numbers define me, but motivate me.

Today I'm starting back, and just that in itself feels good.  I know I will have ups and downs, but I felt great at 195, and so I know that getting back there and even lower will feel even greater.  I am not looking at it as losing weight I've already lost.  I'm looking at it as getting to a comfortable spot, where I not only feel great, but look great too.

Today I am in the 220' first goal is to be into the 2-teens.  This methodology worked for me before and I believe it will work again.  I will take this journey one step at a time and get to a place that I am comfortable and feeling great.

Best of luck to you on your journey, and hopefully my own journey can encourage someone else out there to stick with their own.