Thursday, March 25, 2010

Does It Work?

DOES IT WORK? How many times have you asked someone (or even yourself) about a weight loss program, pill, gadget, exercise routine, etc? We've all wondered and sometimes even tried the "flavor of the month" miracle cure for obesity because someone said "Yeah, this really works".

Well, I've tried a lot...I'm not even going to list them, but I've tried a LOT of weight loss tips, tricks, and gimmicks. Here's what I've got to say about that...

The Body Bugg really works.....

...if you let it....

You have to be committed to logging your food...and you have to be committed to working the program that it sets up for you. When the program told me to consume 2050 and burn 2900, I didn't get worried about burning 2900...but I thought 2050 consumed per day? That's A LOT...HELLO...I am on a DIET.

But, I believed in giving the program a try...I believed in letting the MATH show me the way. And you know what? It is, and it's going to continue showing me the way!

I, ladies and gentlemen, AM A BELIEVER! (someone pass the cool-aid)....

OK, now in all seriousness....I really believe in the Bugg. Do you know WHY I believe in the Bugg? I'm a numbers person, so the whole Burned - Consumed = Deficit makes total sense to me. Total, complete sense. I get it. I like seeing it daily. I like looking down, seeing that I'm at 1800 and thinking "I'm gonna have to add some activity to get the burn in". I know it sounds a bit sick to some, but I like it!

They (who is this mysterious "they" anyway????) say that "The proof is in the pudding"...I'm sure they're referring to fat free pudding, but's the pudding.

1/15/2010....I return from Vegas and begin my journey to "Fit By Forty"
I start this journey at 265 pounds

Early February I research a bit about the Body Bugg and become very interested (ok, maybe obsessed is a better word) about purchasing one.

2/11/ husband takes the subtle (as well as not so subtle) hints and says "Hey, why don't you buy that Body Bugg for your birthday present since you seem to want it so much"

Three seconds later...I am online and ordering it. The obsession continues as I track the package from California and pretty much stalk the UPS guy waiting for my Bugg!

2/18/10...I officially start the Body Bugg program...I am on my way.

3/25/2010...At my official weigh in for our gym's Biggest Loser competition (with 2 weeks to go, I think) I weigh in at 242 lbs.

Yeah, I said 242. For anyone mathematically challenged, 265 - 242 is 23 pounds since 1/15/2010. TWENTY THREE. Twenty five is a big number for me...that's 1/4 of the way to 100. Is 100 pounds lost my goal? I don't really know, but 1/4 of the way to losing 100 pounds sure sounds good!

The proof is in the pudding. I log every thing I eat. I am not eating fast food, although if I wanted to I could...I just wouldn't be eating much else that day to stay around 2050 calories for that day.

Body Bugg does a thing where it says "According to your measurements (weight loss) you probably ate x calories, instead of what you logged in". I'm pretty hardcore about logging my food. If there is a discrepancy to how much I'm logging, I want to LOG more than I actually EAT. So, sometimes if I have to estimate a size I will over estimate.

For the time period of 3/16 - 3/24 my food log showed an average of 2034 calories consumed per day and a burn average of 3116. HOWEVER, according to my weight loss (measurement change) the Bugg says I must've actually eaten closer to 1561 calories per day. I find this interesting because honestly I don't think I over estimate by THAT much. But, I'd rather it be on this side of the equation rather than the other. I don't want to see that I've logged in 2000 per day and then based on my weight it looks like I'm actually eating 2500. I've lost 23 pounds...I'll take the margin of error, since it's on my side!

So, Does It Work? Yes, I totally, completely, and absolutely believe that it works, but YOU have to work IT! You have to get that burn target, and you absolutely MUST log in that food...logging the food makes me make healthier choices in what I'm putting in my mouth. After doing this for so long it's just getting to be second nature to weigh, measure, read a label, etc. on food before I buy it or eat it.

I'm so thankful that I have the Body Bugg and that it's helping me achieve my weight loss goals. I can't wait to report a 25 pound loss...then a 50 pound loss...and on! I like to set short term goals, not so much long term. My first short term goal at 265 was to simply get into the 250's. Once I was in the 250's, I focused on getting to the 240's. I can barely believe that I'm in the 240's and knocking on the door of the 230's. It's been a long time since I've been in the 230's. And to think that I'm not going to hang out with the 230's very long...but to start traveling to the 220's....again, a place I haven't visited in OH so long! How amazing!

So, if anyone wants to know "Does It Work" my answer to that would be YES...It's working GREAT for me!



Terry said...

Lori, you are an inspiration and I enjoy reading blog. You are absolutley right about the bug and I need to get back on the track of logging my food. For the last month I have not been good about the food log. Thanks for giving me the motivation again.

Also your blog yesterday got me looking into the Couch to 5K. I have heard about it through my brother. And the way you said you were doingit at 245 lbs, then I have no excuse at 187 lbs. I need to give it a try. What website did you use for the podcast? I went one and I don't think the podcast downloaded, I need to try again. Although the little I heard of the music, not sure it was something I really cared for. Any suggestsions?

Once again, you have done an amazing job with weight loss, keep up the good work.


~ Lori ~ said...

Thanks, Terry! It's strange for me to think that I am motivating people! I got the podcast through charge. The music isn't great, but I focus more on my breathing and what the guy is "only 2 more intervals to go"...I love it when I hear that one!

I think the main thing to remember is that if you need to repeat a week, that's fine. It's not a race to see who can finish the 8 weeks first...for me the point is that you're running! Yeah, it might only be 60 seconds this week, but YOU'RE RUNNING! For me that is quite an accomplishment. Plus, wait 'til you see the BURN during those 30 minutes! Gosh, it just makes me all warm and fuzzy thinking about going and doing Week 1 Day 3 tomorrow! Ha ha ha! GOOD LUCK!

Terry said...

Thanks for the response. I will try to get it downloaded this weekend. It must be the same music I found on a C25K website. I didn't like the music at all. My brother who is 57 has lost about 100 lbs in the past year. His kids have been trying to get him to do the C25K. I am going to see him this weekend and hope to talk him into it. This way we can do the journey together.

Once again, great job. I turn 51 tomorrow and need to get about 40lbs off me. Although I wear the bb each day, I need to kick it up a couple notches. I have not tracked my food for about a month and workouts have slowed down. 51 will be the year.