Friday, March 25, 2011

Forward Momentum

I lost 2 pounds last week.  Last night I figured I should charge my bugg and download all of the data that was on there.  While I was in there I decided it’s time to create a new program and get serious again.

For me, getting serious means logging my food.

Oh, and did I mention…….I HATE LOGGING MY FOOD!  Really.  I absolutely hate it, but, IT WORKS.  It keeps me honest and it makes me lose.  Then I thought,  maybe I should go really crazy for a couple of months and try to not only jump over this hurdle that I’ve been hanging around at, but kick the hurdle to the curb and keep on running!

So, I created a new program.  I did a lose 2 pounds a week program.  That is a 1000 calorie per day deficit.  I have been kinda struggling at getting 2600 calories a day burned, but I can do it if I get up in the am and get a workout in.

New program is 1700 in and 2700 out.  You may think “Girl’s gone crazy…she couldn’t hit 2600 and now she upped it to 2700???”…well, yeah.  I have gone a bit crazy, but it’s time to go crazy.  And it’s 8-10 weeks, you know. 

Last year I could do ANYTHING for 8-10 weeks, and keep on going after that.  So why now?  Why not get a bit ninja on this thing and go crazy.  I can do this for 8-10 weeks.  If I hold it steady for 10 weeks that is 20 pounds.  That gets me under 190, which would be awesome.

So today I got up, did my C25K and then after I was done with that I did another 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I logged breakfast and lunch.  I chose my food based on the fact that I had to log.  (See where logging makes a difference???)  I tend to do best when I log the meal soon after eating it so that I know where I’m at for the day.  Now I can spend my afternoon mentally planning different dinner options that won’t blow me out of the water, but keep me at or under that 1700. 

You have to keep that forward momentum, and I’m hoping that blogging often through these next 8-10 weeks will help me keep focus.  A friend pointed out to me that perhaps part of my problems so far this year are due partly to the fact that I got so defined last year by my weight loss success.  Now that I don’t have that I am floundering around wondering who I am and what I’m doing.  I think she’s very right, so I thought HOW do I fix it?  Well, for starters, I get back to what I was doing, and have that success again.  I’m NOT skinny.  I still could lose 50 pounds.  I will be comfortable at 30 pounds, but that’s a discussion for another day.  The point is, I know I need to do it and so it’s time to DO IT! 

Watch for more updates each week on how I’m doing.  I was a slave to the scale those months that I was all “crazy” so I am weighing often now to keep my focus.  I encourage you to look at what worked for you in the past and get back to what worked.  If you’re just starting out, read some of the older posts from when I first started.  You may find that you relate to many of the struggles I faced along the way.  This has been my biggest (and longest, time-wise) struggle for the thus far, but I am determined now to get past it and move onward.

Forward momentum, baby!  On to 205!

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