Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Weekend....duh....dah....dnnnnnnn.....

OK, so weekends are just going to be hard when you're watching your calories, right? Well, the short easy answer is YES...but, with the Bugg, that answer is actually "kinda". I knew that our "dinner club" with friends was Saturday. I was careful about what I ate on Saturday because I knew that I was not in complete control of what was going to be served on Saturday night, and I also wanted to be able to have a drink (or two).

So, Saturday I ate my normal breakfast (Special K and skim milk). Then I had a protein shake post workout. Lunch was a spinach salad with ground chicken, so again, doing pretty well. I think I had a little over 1000 calories left for the day when I went to dinner.

I didn't feel like I was denying myself anything. I ate a few crackers with artichoke dip for appetizers. For dinner I tried a little of everything that I wanted to, (including a small spoonful of lobster thermidor, which was INCREDIBLE) but didn't over indulge in the caloric/high fat items. I had a lot of salad...I brought the salad, so I knew EXACTLY the caloric, nutritional breakdown of it. I also had a bigger portion of the roasted veggies because I liked them and they were really good! (And one of the healthier options).

I had dessert...yep, that's right folks...I had dessert! I had made these tarts so again, I knew what I was getting into, calorie wise. I also had 3 drinks. I had vodka with diet tonic and lime juice. The interesting thing is that if you use a short glass, by the time you have ice, some lime juice and the tonic, you just throw in a splash of vodka and it's a nice refreshing treat.

Now, logging in dinner was difficult. I overestimated everything. The main entree was crab cakes and ribs. I estimated that I ate 1 crab cake and 3 oz. of rib meat. I did NOT eat that much, but I think it's better to OVER estimate than UNDER. I also said I ate 3 tablespoons of the lobster thermidor....again, not even close. It was probably closer to 1-1.5, but better to go OVER. (Again, just my opinion and how I CHOOSE to do it!) I logged 3 drinks, each with a 1 oz. shot of vodka. I don't think I had 3 oz. of vodka over the course of the night...maybe but I really doubt it. One of my drinks I left the vodka out completely and honestly, it wasn't much different than with the splash.

Although, the little splashes of vodka did numb some of my muscular pain, so that was worth it! The group workout killed my quads!

So, at the end of the day, my body bugg showed a deficit of 681 calories. My target deficit is 850, so I did not meet my deficit. HOWEVER, I do not feel as though I've failed.

Number one, I overestimated. Sure, I may have eaten a little more of this and a little less of that, or forgotten a cracker, but all in all, I think the dinner log was close or over what it actually was. I'm OK with that.

Number two, I had a deficit...HELLO! It's not like I consumed 681 calories more than I burned....I still had a deficit.

And finally, number three....I've gone over my 850 deficit goal ever day since I got the bugg, so I think last night was a success!

I didn't feel deprived and sad that I couldn't participate in something I greatly look forward too. I didn't feel like anyone was looking at my plate and wondering why I wasn't eating anything. I ate, I enjoyed what I ate, and I left there quite full.....full of great food and full of fun with friends!

So, the moral of today's blog post is this. You don't have to deny yourself EVERYTHING when you're on a diet. If you are changing your eating habits in order to lose weight, make sure that CHANGE is what you strive for, not DENIAL. If I can NEVER have a piece of chocolate or enjoy some of the foods I really like, I will NOT stay with it. But, this weekend was a great reminder to me that I CAN take control of what I eat. I CAN eat a little sample taste of something highly caloric and rich and enjoy it, but not have to eat 3 cups of it! I can load up my plate with the healthy options and then enjoy a sample of the other stuff. And doing that makes me happy and keeps me on track.

Happily bugging along....

~ Lori ~

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