Thursday, February 25, 2010

PRINT your food log!

OK, first of all, to answer a quick question from a reader. Terry wants to know what I'm doing for workouts.

I go to an all-female gym. I have splurged on a Personal Trainer, whom I am known to refer to as Satan instead of her real name, Becky! All kidding aside, Becky and I have a great relationship. She is sarcastic and snarky like me, so she can take whatever I dish out, verbally! I work out with Becky one time per week. Now that I am in the gym's Biggest Loser competition, I will also see Becky an additional time each week for a GROUP workout. Our first one happens to be tonight.

When I work out with Becky, it's strength and cardio mixed. She has me doing strength and then a 5 minute burst of cardio (usually the Arc Trainer). If the Arc or Cross trainers are being used she will relent and let me go on the treadmill! We do a variety of strength exercises, depending on what I need. For example, one day I was really frustrated with life and mentally mad and grumpy. That time I was punching and was awesome!

The OTHER times I go to the gym I usually focus on cardio only. I am in this competition, and it's about LOSING weight, so I don't want to gain all of this muscle and end up messing myself up in the competition. It's $5 per pound gained, so I'm hitting the cardio HARD!

If I am at home and not going to the gym that day I will take the dog for a few extra walks, park WAY out when I go shopping, and make a few extra trips up and down the stairs. If we're getting to 7 or 8 pm and I'm looking at a pretty big gap between actual and target, I will do the wii fit. That will get me where I need to be. I have YET to miss my target burn for a day.

Hope that helps!

Now, on to today's findings. I was messing around with the BB program and thinking it would really be cool if Becky could see what I'm doing without me having to get on a computer at the gym and show her. She had me keeping a food log, but since I got the Bugg she knows that I'm doing it all on the BB program.

Well, guess what folks? You can PRINT your food log! Oh, yeah, you sure can! This may not be news to anyone but me, but I did not memorize the manual, and I was happy to find it there. That was one feature I was going to ask about next week when I do the phone coaching. Now I don't have to ask!

For those not in the know, like me, here's how you find it:

Under the TOP tabs, there is one called "My Resources". There is all kinds of stuff here, but right now I'm going to focus on this ONE item. I'll explore and then blog about the other features later! Under "My Resources" you're going to click on "Reports". On the right-hand side you will see "Create Printable Reports"..."Food Log Report".

You can choose a date range to print...either 7, 14, 21, or 30 days. Then you will click on "Go". You will be given a choice to either "Open" or "Save" the PDF.

I opened mine, checked it all out and then printed a copy to take to Becky tonight. Now I can deliver her a weekly food log with little work from me! SWEET! I like this feature VERY much!

I'm keeping a list of questions for the phone coaching because the features I'd like to see quite easily could be there, I just haven't found them yet! "Printable food log" is one that I can cross off the list now!

And, before I forget...I have NOT forgotten about the request for some screen shots. I just haven't had time to sit down with the hubby to figure it out. I was able to capture some, but unfortunately since I use dual monitors it captured what I had on both monitors, and I couldn't figure out how to split the image. Anyway....the point is, I will get that figured out and then entertain you folks with some screen shots from my bugg program.

Today is also a milestone for me...I can enter new "measurements" so tonight when I go for the group workout I will weigh and get my (hopefully) new body fat percentage. I can't wait to put those numbers in and see what the bugg program has to say!

Happily buggin' along....


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Terry said...

Thanks for your information. I have had a lazy Febraury regarding workouts and now it is time to get started again.