Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Few Comments

I have some numbers from days one and two. I also have a couple of lessons learned.

Day One
Burn Actual/Target
Calories Consumed Actual/Target
Deficit Actual = 1429
Deficit goal = 850

Day Two
Burn Actual/Target
Calories Consumed Actual/Target
Deficit Actual = 1163
Deficit goal = 850

Now, here is what I've learned.

Today I entered breakfast and then after I was done I realized I forgot to put in the toast that I had eaten. This is TOTALLY easy once you know how to edit! So, remember, the situation is this:

You have already logged a meal and gone on to other things in the program or even gotten out of the program totally. Then you realize you forgot to log something in on a past meal. Look at the LEFT SIDEBAR. The choices are:

Calories Burned
Calorie Balance
Physical Activity

Click on NUTRITION. This is going to bring up what you have already entered. You can click on the "EDIT" box and that will allow you to enter in that food item that you forgot to enter before!

Another feature I'm figuring out and REALLY like is that very same "NUTRITION" section on the LEFT SIDEBAR. If you click on this it's going to give you what you logged in for your meals. At the bottom of this is your nutrition breakdown. So, for example, I can see that I'm not eating as many carbs as they recommend. I am eating more fat than they recommend. I think this might be a key for my actual POUND loss...I know I'm going to lose easier if I eat fewer carbs, but I'm going to have to really watch my FAT intake. Looks like I have some adjustments to make. Now, I will say that I THINK the fat I eat is fairly healthy....EVOO instead of veg oil, avocado, and fish. However, I can look back on those days and see the other things that I ate that had fat in them and see where I can make some small changes and eliminate some of the bad fat.

Isn't that what this bugg is really all about? Isn't it about an education and awareness? It is for me...I want it to help me see with NUMBERS and actual MATH what I'm doing wrong. Right now I'm doing the burn....I'm hitting that target number and then some. And I'm hitting the calories consumed goal and not going over by TOO much. However, sometimes the weight just isn't coming off....looks like for me, the fat intake might be a problem. I need to look for ways to reduce that bad fat in what I'm eating. Maybe switch to fat free products or reduced fat. That is probably the easiest quick fix.

OK, so that's it for now. Today will be a challenge. I am NOT going to the gym today. That's heard it here first...I am NOT going to the gym. The burn will be a challenge for me today, but I have the digital display and I'm determined to make small changes to get that burn target completed even without a trip to the gym. When we go running errands today, I'm going to park WAY out, like I'm driving a brand new Rolls Royce that I don't want anyone to scratch! I might also run downstairs to "check" on the laundry progress a few times more than normal. And, if all else fails, I'll challenge the 8-year old to some Wii Fit competitions!

Check back later to see how easy (or not so much) it is to hit the target burn without a trip to the gym!

I'm also adding numbers to my sign-off signature. I think it's important for readers to know I'm not some 150 pound woman that is trying to lose that last 15 pounds. I am seriously overweight and have a LONG WAY to go. This is a long-term committment for me, and the bugg is a tool to help me reach those goals and perhaps reach them a bit sooner than later!

1/15/2009 265 lbs.
2/21/2009 259 lbs. and counting!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're liking it! I've had one for a few years now. I don't always wear it, but when things start creeping up (or get out of control!) I always put it back on to get me back on track. It's an amazing tool for awareness. I knew cheese and salad dressing were high calorie, but when I actually started weighing and measuring and tracking... well, lets just say I cannot be at the weight I want to be at, and put that much dressing on my salads (can't stand non-fat dressings) or snack on cheese frequently. It also made aware of how few calories I burn on work days when I spend the day at a desk and don't make it to the gym. Very sad!!! But better to know! Good luck w/ your journey. I'm 45 now but was in the best shape of my life at 41-42 after I finally decided to get rid of the baby weight. Best thing I ever did! So good luck - you can totally do it!