Friday, February 19, 2010

The Bugg Has Landed...

FINALLY! I have been obsessively tracking the UPS progress of my Body Bugg and it's finally here! The bugg was delivered yesterday to my anxiously awaiting hands. I had already done much of the initial set up and was stalled at the point where you activate the armband.

The initial set up was really easy. I opened the package and located all of the items. I logged into my account and plugged the bugg into the USB. Follow the prompts and voila...we're ready to go. Unfortunately, the bugg needs to charge, but that was OK for me! I had plans that evening and I REALLY needed to get ready and quit playing with my new toy. So, I left the bugg plugged in to charge and went about my evening.

Once I got home I was happy to see that magical green light indicating that my bugg was charged and ready to roll! I did the sync with my digital display and put everything on. Now, a note to new users have to be WEARING the bugg for the digital display to sync. If it's in the literature I missed it and it took me a while to figure that part out. I also was getting very impatient and not sitting down and reading the manual cover to cover, so that could account for some of my troubles!

When you put the bugg on your arm it's going to play a little tune to tell you that it's on your arm and has recognized that it's there and is now on and logging your activity. Once you hear that little tune, push the buttons on the digital display and they will sync easily.

At this point in my day it was almost 10:30 pm, so I headed to bed with both manuals to give them a quick once over before going to sleep. Friday, February 19th would be my first official day with the Body Bugg! I must admit...several times during the night when I awoke I would hit the light on the digital display to see if I was still burning calories! Now I understand why they give you instructions to turn the beep off! My husband kept wondering what was beeping every couple hours (it was me checking my digital display!!!).

So today is the first official day. I have eaten my breakfast and logged it in. In order to get as accurate as possible on the food I entered my protein powder from the information on the canister instead of using one of the preset items. I was able to find my Quaker Oats oatmeal, but I did double check it to make sure all of the information was correct.

So far, so good...I am heading to the gym in a little while and I will update soon!

new bugger ~ Lori


Rona Kay said...

Can't wait to see how you like this. Have been wondering about it for awhile.

Sara said...

I bookmark you blog. I am not much of a blogger but I like reading about other peoples journeys. I found you through your post on Facebook bodybugg page.

~ Lori ~ said...

Thanks, RK and Sara! I hope that blogging about my experience with the Bugg wil help some people if they're thinking about buying one and also to help answer any questions people might have.