Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Feel GOOD.

Oh, yeah, crank up the James Brown, 'cause I feel GOOD baby!

Seriously...I feel really good.

I went shopping last week. I met my niece and a college roomie and we hit the outlet mall. We hit it hard, too! I was in need of "fall/winter" clothes, and even a new coat if I could find something. Normally these shopping trips are all about kids' clothes, but this was ALL ME, baby! And it was awesome.

Here's what was awesome about it. Before I went there I mainly got clothes from either Cato or Kohl's here at home. And I guess I had pretty much convinced myself that those 2 stores were really cutting their clothes big, 'cause I'm still pretty sure that I'm not wearing a Large shirt or a size 14 pant. Must be the generous cut those stores carry...right???

WRONG...guess what...those sizes fit me in every freaking store in the outlet mall. And trust me, I tested the theory! I got stuff at Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, Van Husen, Bass, and a whole bunch of other stores in between! There were a few stops that I thought the shirts were really short, and I didn't like the way they fit. And for once in my life, if I didn't LOVE the way it fit and how I looked, I could skip it. No more "well, this will have to do". Oh love or leave it on the hanger.

In January when I started all of this at 265 and wearing a 22/24, had anyone told me that before Halloween I'd be under 200 and wearing a 14 I would've referred them to the nuthouse. I can't believe I'm here. Really...still can't...but going and trying on all those clothes sure put a dent in my confusion.

And you know what, this is for good. This isn't a short-term thing. This weight loss has been so manageable and so real-life that I KNOW that it's for good. I know I can continue to do this for the rest of my life. Fat Lori has left the building, and she's NOT coming back.

The other thing that is important to disclose, is that I honestly feel that the loss that I've managed so far is not just a physical test, but a mental one as well. My way of thinking has shifted. I finally see that I DESERVE to be healthy, happy, and fit. And I see now that losing the weight that I have has helped make me a happier person. I would never have described myself as sad or grumpy before, and I surely thought I was enjoying my life then. But now, enjoying it now...well that enjoyment seems so much more intense, and so much more capable of saturating my soul with sheer joy. My cup is totally running over, and I am so thankful for that.

Believe in yourself...surround yourself with people who believe in you as well. Dig deep and realize that YOU DESERVE to be healthy, happy, and fit. Do whatever it takes to get started and then find it within yourself to know that you DESERVE this and YOU are the only person that can control your success.

You're so worth it....


Eternal Lizdom said...


Be sure to read my blog post tomorrow- similar subject. :)

I think you're going to be fit well before 40...

Darcy said...

And looking good!