Friday, October 1, 2010

Challenge Yourself...

Status quo is easy, really. You just settle in to that nice, comfortable familiar existence that has been serving you so well and don't rock the boat.

But what if the status quo really isn't serving you so well? Maybe it's time to challenge yourself.

I see that this blog has picked up several followers, and some of you have even contacted me saying how I motivate and inspire you. This not only flatters but shocks me as well. I'm just a normal woman, trying to get fit. But, if my stories can motivate you then sometimes I think it's important for me to really TRY to motivate you!

Today is motivation day, baby....

Many of you look to this blog for motivation on your weight loss. How's that going for you, by the way? Are you still chugging along, losing those pounds? OR...are you stuck...hit a plateau...lost your drive?

Well, here's my challenge to you...........


Yep...that's open ended challenge. No specific motivation from me today. YOU do it. Figure out some kind of challenge for your own personal weight loss and fitness goals and then get on it! I've joined a 500 mile challenge. Sounds nuts, right? It is, a little, but I'm doing it, and so are several other people...only one of whom I've ever met in "real" life. See the rest of them are bloggers, or readers of blogs. We've all come together for Ashli's 500 mile challenge. Walk it or run it, but the challenge is 500 miles in a year. I have a "widget" to the right that shows my progress. It shows you what I've done most recently and then my "lifetime" mileage.

That 500 mile challenge is motivating me and totally challenging me. I'm in that push to get under 200, so I'm working out a lot. I'm watching my food intake and trying to really burn a LOT of calories every day. But that 500 mile challenge motivates me even further.

For example, I record lots of stuff on the DVR...and laying on the couch watching those shows doesn't burn calories. BUT, walking a couple of miles on the treadmill WHILE I'm watching sure does! And those calories add up, baby...they totally add up!

So find something to challenge yourself. Maybe you challenge yourself to get up 30 minutes earlier 3 days a week and take a 30 minute walk. Maybe you challenge yourself to use that gym membership that has been coming out of your checking account every month even though you haven't set foot in the place in 2 months. Maybe you walk your kids to school instead of driving.

Whatever it is, challenge YOURSELF. Let's face it, folks...the holidays are coming up, and for me, that is NOT the easiest time to lose weight...or even MAINTAIN. But this year, status quo on holiday eating is NOT going to bring me down. Oh, no...this year it's a brand new game baby, and I'm gonna be my own starting quarterback!


(...and a comment and let me know what YOUR challenge is! If anyone is interested in the 500 mile challenge, post a comment and I'll get you the link)

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Anonymous said...

Lori - just found your blog from a comment on the BB Forum. You are a true inspiration. I've had several crazy things in my life this year as well. I'd love the link to the 500 mile challenge. Just what I need right now.

BTW you may recognize me as thinagain from the BB boards.

Thanks a million for your blog