Friday, June 25, 2010

Flying High

That's how I feel tonight...I am flying high! I accomplished something today that I would've laid money on never happening. Big money. Cash money. Maybe even a couple of paychecks. 'Cause the odds are totally in my favor...this will NEVER happen.

Oh, but it, maybe you're wondering "What already? What amazing thing did you do?".

Well, it's not that amazing for most folks, but for me, it's HUGE.

I ran a mile. I did not stop for a recovery walk...I ran an entire mile. And, I ran that mile in 13 minutes flat nonetheless. Time isn't a huge factor for me, but running an entire mile just amazes me!

I have NEVER been a runner. NEVER. Never ever ever...NO. NEVER. I hated the running days in grade school PE...same for junior high and high school...hated those days. Tried to figure out an excuse to go to the nurse's office and get an excuse for no PE those days. Did I mention I HATED it?

But since I'm on this whole Fit By Forty, I started running a little...mostly to mix up my workouts a bit. Many days I loathe it, but every few days, I really enjoy that time that I spent running. Today the run wasn't wonderful, but finishing that mile was AWESOME!

That's what Fit By Forty has been for me...a chance to move outside of my comfort zone and find out what I can really do. Can I lose 10 pounds? Can I run for 5 minutes? Can I work with a personal trainer and not feel like a total moron?

...and Yes

Seeing that I CAN do it is one thing, but going beyond it...well, that's just a total other level. It's a level of happiness and sense of accomplishment that I can't really explain. It's knowing that I pushed myself beyond what I thought possible and made it possible. And that my friends, feels GREAT.

Can I lose 10 pounds? about 44.5 and counting?

Can I run 5 minutes? about a mile in 13 minutes and now pushing for more distance...a mile and 1/4 is my next target!

Can I work with a personal trainer and not feel like a total moron?

...Usually! Sometimes I do feel a bit moronic when I can't do what she's telling me to do, but I'm stubborn, so I keep pushing until I figure it out, and that feels pretty darned great! Also working with the trainer has forced me to push outside of my comfort zone and do exercises that I didn't think myself capable of. She pushes me...that's good because I need that.

We all need that...we all need that someone or that something to push us past where we're comfortable. That push shows us that we ARE capable of doing it. Maybe not all the way right now, but keep pushing and you'll get there.

I challenge you to pick something that you think you can NOT do and push yourself. Go a little further each day...go a little longer....push yourself to accomplish it. You CAN do it. You just have to believe in yourself.


~ Lori ~ said...

I'm leaving a comment on my own blog...that seems so wrong! I just have to share...yesterday (6/30) I ran a mile and a half without stopping for a recovery walk! I'm gonna keep pushing...can I run 2 miles?????

Jennifer said...

That is GREAT! I turned 40 in Feb. and I'm on my 40 and Fab journey. I've had my bugg for a week now and it's been an adjustment. My motto was always, "I ain't running, unless I'm running for my life." Now my goal is to run a mile like you. Your story has inspired me to try harder. I'm currently at 233 lbs at 5'2" and my goal is to be 135 lbs by next Feb and right before Valentines Day, which is my 41st birthday.

Joe said...

Awesome news! Well done!
I have been following you for a while. I have my own blog and bought a BodyBugg from reading your blog. I am just starting over since June this year. I had been not doing much for the last year. I turn 40 in June next year so I am busting my butt to make it! Thanks for your inspiration.