Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Thursday is a big day for me....thursday marks 6 months since I walked into the gym as a new member and began my "Fit By Forty" journey. I'm not going to be 40 until 2012, so I gave myself plenty of time!

Thursday I will weigh in and have the trainer do my measurements. I will post all of those results here on my blog for the whole world (or the dozen people that follow me) to see! My goal in the last few weeks has been to hit 50 pounds lost by the 6 month mark. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna hit that one...I did a little sneak peak today.

But, the 50 pounds being as significant as it is, is really just a small part of a bigger and more amazing thing. I have changed SO much in 6 months. I am more confident. I am extremely more fit, and yet I have more improving to go. I am eating much much healthier and settling into a way to make that healthy eating a part of my every day life...no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

Six months and a lot of lessons learned. I am so excited for Thursday to roll around so that I can weigh in, get those measurements taken, and then share how I am so changed in those 6 months.

Until Thursday.....

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Anonymous said...

post some more pics!