Monday, April 26, 2010

Take Pictures

That's my advice for the day...take pictures.

More specifically, take pictures of yourself....

Oh yeah, I know...I say that too...I hate to see photos of myself. I'd rather be behind the camera than to see my behind captured by the camera. But, photos can also be a bit motivational. You see yourself every day, right? Well, because of that you don't notice the changed in your body.

Sure, you probably notice that your clothes fit better and you hear when other people comment on how good you look, but do YOU really notice how much you've changed? I don't think so.

Here's what got me to this point. I have lost 30 pounds since mid-January. I obviously feel that in my clothes...hell, I can take my favorite pair of jeans off without unbuttoning or unzipping them! But, most of the time I lose "sight" of the fact that I've lost 30 FREAKING POUNDS. That's a lot of weight. Granted, it's only a drop in the bucket for me, but I've lost 30 FREAKING POUNDS. This shows me that I can do so much more.

But I get frustrated...I get stressed out...I get "this is too hard" crappy attitude. I get "I don't have enough support in my house" or "I'll finish the kids dinner just this time because I deserve it"...whatever....the point is, I get unmotivated. That's when bad things happen.

But, over the weekend the hubby bought a new camera for work. The display window opens up (similar to a video camera) and even rotates. We were discussing how this made taking a self portrait sooooo much easier. So I did...I took that self portrait and then kinda forgot about it.

Well, hubby posted it on facebook today. My initial thought was "Good hair looks like CRAP" but then I noticed my would see the weight loss in my face. WOW...I actually looked like I had lost some weight.

Now, the comparison is striking, in my opinion. I went to Vegas to visit my Dad in early January. As soon as I returned from that trip I began my new fitness and nutrition regime. Here's me just before I started and then below it is my self-portrait from Saturday.

OK, sorry that my photo editing skills suck, but you get the point....I can see it. And seeing is believing. So now I have a renewed belief that I can do this...I can lost another 20 to make 50. And then after that first 50 I can keep going. I can get below 200 and keep on going until I feel comfortable in my own skin. I can do whatever I put my mind to. Did I mention that I've lost 30 FREAKING POUNDS? Well, I have.

So, get the camera out...take some photos of yourself. And then a couple of months later, take some more. The power of seeing will amaze you. It will amaze the skinnier, smaller, and more fit you!

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Terry said...

You can see a difference, you look great!!