Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lemon Chicken

This is another Pinterest inspired dinner!  I have really enjoyed going through and pinning different recipes to my "Recipes To Try" board.  This one was really flavorful.

Lemon Chicken...The original poster commented that this was a spring-time dish but I thought it was great on a cold, dreary fall night!  Actually I think it'd be good ANY time!  You can find the original post HERE.  When I made this one I followed the recipe to the letter...no diversions!  I brushed melted butter on the chicken legs and oh my...they were delish!  The chicken was crispy but moist and very flavorful.

Here's a photo of my finished product, fresh out of the oven:

Stop by the blog that I found this on for a full copy of the recipe.  Her instructions are great and very detailed.  I'm not a huge fan of dark meat chicken but I thought this recipe was a "keeper".  Hope you try it and enjoy it also!

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