Monday, March 26, 2012

Buggin' again...

It's been a tough winter.  I had good intentions, but I just didn't follow through.  I had an injury that really sidelined me for working out.  Now, I could have walked through that, but I didn't.  I slacked off big time and now I'm paying for it.

So, here I go again.....

I have set up a few new BB programs in the last few months, but been very unsuccessful sticking with it.  So, this time I thought, why not aim a bit LOW and then be encouraged by the success.  Hopefully this will keep me motivated.  My pants are WAY too tight and I'm NOT buying bigger ones again.

Here's where I am at.

I'm up to 235...that's bad.  Body fat is up to 48%...that's bad too.

I'm not working out at all and I'm eating poorly.  That's BAD.

New BB program is for 2050 calories IN and 2550 OUT.  That is a one pound per week loss.  I can do that.  In addition, I have set a few other goals personally.

1.  Get into the 220's...229 counts as 220's, so that's where I'm setting my current sights.
2.  Walk 2 miles per day at a minimum.
3.  Log ALL food eaten.
4.  Drink 4 cups of water daily.  Now, by cup, I mean one of my sports bottles.  I think water consumption is really important and helpful, so I'm starting there.

I'm going to try and blog again to help keep myself accountable.  Here we go again.....

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