Monday, January 10, 2011

One Week Down............

Well, I am officially one week into logging food and paying attention to my "burn" numbers. I should be happy...I mean, really...I should, because I lost 3 pounds, but I am not happy.

See, I've lost those 3 pounds before. Yeah....seriously.

I got to 195 in November. Then I thought it would be OK to slack off, quit logging food, and ENJOY the holidays without restriction. And, at that time I was willing to take any weight gain consequences.


I weighed in on 1/1 at 205. Wow. Ten pounds of enjoyment. Ouch...that hurts. So, today I weighed in at 202. Which means by next Monday I should hit the coveted "Under 200".....again.

Now, if this story were a friend's story, I'd be all "It's're on the right track...don't beat yourself up over it....blah blah blah." And, I'd mean it. But I keep saying it to myself and I'm just not buying it. I just keep thinking "What a damned idiot...have I learned NOTHING?"

So, here I am, trying to not beat myself up over those 10 pounds, and happy that I'm back on track, back to logging my food, and back to eating fairly clean. I say fairly because I didn't log Saturday or Sunday. I wasn't horrible, but I wasn't perfect either. And maybe therein lies the balance.

I kinda feel like Dory in "Finding Nemo" when she's swimming along and singing "Just Keep Swimming....just keep swimming....just keep swimming aloooooooong".

One Day At A Time

One Meal At A Time

One Healthy Choice At A Time (actual choice, not the brand!)

Just keep swimming.....just keep swimming.....just keep swimming alooooooooong!

It's hard...there are no easy quick fix answers. We did this to ourselves over a period of time and now we're fixing it, but it's going to happen over TIME....not instantly. Yeah, I hate losing those 10 pounds again, and I really wish I was losing a new 10 pounds. But...I'm not, so I need to focus on 194 and be happy about where I got to in 2010. NOW is happening. The rest is just history.

Just keep swimming people!

~Lori~ last thing. Need proof that I'm crazy? Well, I ran a 5K on Saturday in 17 degree weather. DAMN it was COLD! I ran it in 38 minutes and some odd seconds. I'm anxiously awaiting "official" results to be posted. edit. I found "official" results online. I finished in 38:18...I was 129th out of 138. Ha ha. I was 9th of 11 in my age bracket. The funniest thing is that 5 of the registered "walkers" had a better time that I did! Oh well....I finished, I got a really nice t-shirt, and now I can say I've run a 5K!


Ashli Moore said...

keep up th good work Lori, a 38 min 5k is awesome and even better in 17 degree weather...don't let this great achievement pass you by...just think, you wouldn't have been able to do this a year ago. Keep up the positive attitude!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Must have been a small group of runners if 38 mins had you so close to the back of the pack! I'm more of the 45 minute 5Ker.

Personally- I loooove running in the cold.

I'm not going to go all rah-rah cheerleader on you. But I will say this- you made the choices you made, own them, move on. Beating yourself up doesn't accomplish anything. Like we've all said before- this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon and this was a potty break where you had to maybe wait in line for the porta-potty to be available. :)

herman said...


Way to go on the 5k. I am hoping to do a 5k by end of summer. Big dreams hopefully they come true.

You said to let you know when I broke in the 230s well guess what I did it with a bang. I weighed in this AM as I do every Monday at get this 234.5. Yes that's right 234.5 from 242 last week.

Thanks for all of your inspiration.
Lisa aka racingmom

~ Lori ~ said...

Racingmom...YOU GO! Holy hell...that's like one of those Biggest Loser moments! I can see the smile on Bob's face right now!

So, now your goal is to get into the 220's....and you are so totally going to get there. Good for YOU, racingmom...GOOD FOR YOU!


desifink said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment!! And get out of my head. I'm in the exact same place, looking at the damage I did over the holidays and thinking - seriously???

Sue said...

Lori - followed you here from the BB forum. Love your post. That is me exactly. 10lbs since Oct. Part of mine is do to health issues w/my DH and my whole routine getting thrown out the window. However, I too am back and I too lost 3 lbs the first week. Ones that I lost already too.

I did a my first 5k in Sept. I did 35 min even, but it was mostly a flat then downhill course. That was before I gained 10 back.

I hope to keep reading your blog.

See you on site

Sue (thinagain)

Heather said...


Been there, done that (weight lost and gain) uggggg. We know what WE have to do. Yes, Yes, it is the same blame game, but this time I think we both have learned a valueable lesson, because now we really do want to succeed. Success has always come after failure or there would be no need for the word!

Congrats on the 5K, now you have a number to beat.

Happy running and losing!

~ Lori ~ said...

Thanks, Heather! It's just one of those sick ironies that eating and drinking what you want is so fun and yet so awful for us! Back to work....better to be a loser than a boozer!

Ha ha....I like that...maybe that will be my new motto!

Heather said...

Like the new Motto - HAHAHAHA