Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eating Healthy

A lot of times it seems as if people think that eating healthy or being on a diet means that you are never full. Well, today when I piled my lunch plate high I wondered "how many calories are REALLY in this lunch?". So, I set out to find out the answer to this question.

Let me explain, first of all, that the Body Bugg software makes it pretty simple to get an accurate calorie count on what you're eating. In fact, all I had to do today was weigh everything and now we know. Here's what I had for lunch:

And here's how many calories that plate (and it's a full sized dinner plate, not a salad plate!) FULL of food was:


Yeah, you read that right...309.

Three Hundred and Nine

Now, in the grand scheme of 1800 calories a day that I'm trying to stay at, that's not much. In fact, that's a "well I guess I'll be having a snack later" kinda meal! I must confess a few things...first of all, I have grown to love fresh, raw vegetables, with no dressing on them. Seriously...I love the taste of them. Secondly, I have to confess that I LOVE Laughing Cow cheese wedges. Just the simple act of spreading that cheese on the sandwich makes the sandwich so much richer and enjoyable. Like mayo, but without the fat & calories and trust me...the Laughing Cow even tastes better!

In full disclosure, I do feel that I should explain exactly what is on the sandwich. The "bread" is a Thomas brand bagel thin. I just found these at Kroger and I'm seriously loving them! Spread on that is one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese (garlic herb). I put on 6 slices of Oscar Meyer turkey, and a hand full of salad mix.

Now, here's a tip...I know many of you are thinking "But I don't have TIME to cut up all those veggies for every meal, yadda yadda.....". Well, neither do I folks! So, here's what I do and TRUST me...it makes eating healthy SO MUCH easier!

When I get home from the grocery store I leave out all of the vegetables and fruits that I bought. I then clean, cut, and Ziploc bag those babies. So in my fridge, instead of a bunch of celery you're gonna see a Ziploc with celery sticks cut up, cleaned, and ready to go! I do the same with broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper, green pepper, and even a little onion. Then when I need to use them most of the work is done.

Here's another tip...if you're a dressing person (you know...you slather the dressing on your healthy salad adding about 400 calories and fat), then just slowly cut back. Buy reduced or no fat versions and slowly cut back on your regular dressing. I am being totally serious when I say that I prefer no dressing or dip, because I like to enjoy the flavor of the food now.

Oh, and one more thing...Rice Vinegar...check it out...very clean and refreshing on a salad. Hmmmm...maybe I should come up with a Rice Vinegar salad dressing....hmmmmm....



Anonymous said...


Please do come up with a rice vinegar dressing, I LOVE dressing. I have never tried rice vinegar but I am going to purchase today.

Keep blogging!


Heather said...

Lori you are so good. I have got to start eating more vegetables and enjoying them raw without anything. At the present moment I use hummus. Tomorrow I will cut up my vegetables and put them in portioned ziploc bags.

Thanks for the reminder!

~ Lori ~ said...

Girl, it's hard to be good! But, being prepared helps so much. Today I wanted something hot for lunch instead of a salad or sandwich. I tossed my sandwich into the toaster oven and then thought...hmmmm...some stir fried veggies sure would be good. I tossed some asparagus, green pepper, red pepper, and mushrooms into a saute pan and VOILA! Stir fried veggies! That NEVER would've happened had they not been in the fridge, all bagged up and cut, ready to use! Maybe Ziploc should be a sponsor of my blog! Ha ha!

Laura said...

I love the look of your lunch...I think we almost had the same one yesterday...not today though...more planning needed in this house!!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Do you have a Trader Joe's? If so, you MUST get a bottle of orange muscat vinegar. It is insanely good!!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Oh- and save a little money by investing in gladware or tupperware and skip the ziploc bags. Longer use of the containers that way!

~ Lori ~ said...

Laura...I had the same sandwich today but without the lettuce and warmed up in the toaster oven. Then I stir fried asparagus, green pepper, red pepper, and mushrooms. It was yummy!

Liz...No Trader Joe's in C'dale. I have heard of this place and need to stop in one soon! What does one DO with orange muscat vinegar? Good idea with the containers. I have lots of those. I am a bit strange...I reuse the bags. One of those crazy lady habits I got from my Mom! Plus, you can stuff a Ziploc in places a container just won't conform to...ha ha.

walking2bfit said...

Hi Lori,
Just discovered your blog today...I've been sliding backward, but no more. I'm in week 2 of healthy eating and more exercise. I love your rules and story. You can do it! My goal is under 200, 13 # to go, then I'll come up with the next goal...I like your baby steps.
Keep it up!