Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tomorrow is the day!

So anyone that's been around my blog for a while knows that I have participated in several "Biggest Loser" type challenges at my gym. These competitions are good for me, because frankly, I don't like to lose!

Unfortunately, I haven't been involved in any competition for a while and I think I'm in need of a good old competition. This is why, when recently I was browsing the body bugg website message board, a particular post caught my eye.

The post was for people needing to lose those last 20-30 pounds.

Normally I would've glanced at it and gone on reading posts that are relevant to me. BUT, I paused for a moment...20-30 pounds. Wow, that is FINALLY me. In all honesty, I'd be pretty happy with 15 pounds, but then the competitiveness of me kicks in. Why lose 85 pounds? Go for 100, 'cause really, doesn't "I lost 100 pounds" sound so much more epic than "I lost 85 pounds"???

Well, not really, because both are totally epic, but to my deranged head, go for the wow-factor of 100!

So, sitting at 70 lost I'm thinking....20-30 pounds...that is ME! I'm going to join this group.

Now, please let me make perfectly clear...this group is NOT a competition. There is no prize for the person that hits their goal first. We weigh in on Monday, post our stats, and then the group organizer keeps track of all of that and reports on how we're doing.

It's just the whole THOUGHT of it for me, though. I want to see those other folks' numbers and see if I can just make mine a LITTLE better....what a nut job, right? Seriously, I freaking nut job.

BUT...if THAT is what it takes to help me get these last 20-30 off, then SO BE IT! Bring on the competition moves baby, 'cause I'm READY and I NEED the motivation!

So tomorrow it begins. Today there is no accountability. I eat, I exercise, I lose a little, and life goes on. Tomorrow, it's on like Donkey Kong. Because tomorrow there is going to be someone else looking at that number from MY scale. And they're possibly gonna think "Hmmmm...she's about my weight...wonder if I can lose more than she does this month....". Or, maybe NOT, but there COULD be, and so because of that, I will be motivated.

Sick, aren't I?

The point in all of this is to know what motivates you, and if a little competition motivates you, then go for it! Or if a cute little black dress or pair of jeans that's a size smaller than what you currently wear motivate you....plaster it to the fridge! Find your motivation BEFORE you need it. Then, when you start to stall, bust out the motivation and work it! Use the motivation to help drive you closer to your goals!

I will keep you posted on how the first weigh in goes and which of the group members I've got my focus set to!



Eternal Lizdom said...

I so totally hear you!! And you're going to rock it and 100 POUNDS is going to be TOTALLY EPIC!

I'm not entirely sure what motivates me. Isn't that odd? It changes. Sometimes, it's those smaller jeans. Sometimes, it's running a further distance than ever before. I'd hung a pair of dress pants up that I wanted to fit into next. It motivated me for a short stint and then I lost interest. Reward systems don't do it for me, either. It can make things frustrating.

Off topic:

I'm usually opposed to music players on blogs but I almost always like your song selections so I don't mind yours. :) My only thought would be to do comments as a pop up instead of embedded so that the player doesn't start over when I go to leave a comment.

~ Lori ~ said...

Groovy! I had NO clue how to do that! I think I accomplished it. THANKS, Liz! You rock!

Heather said...

AlabamaGirl is going to kick some butt!

Just some friendly trash talk :)))