Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Struggle

The followers of this blog know that I have been using the Body Bugg to help me with my weight loss. Once I hit under 200 I thought it was time to take a little break from the constant logging of food and being so extremely diligent about my weight loss. A pound a week was probably very do-able without the constant logging.

...um, yeah....RIGHT.....

Here's the thing. I have lost. And then I'd gain. Thanksgiving was KILLER for me! I had lost a few pounds from Monday to Thursday, but then when I went to weigh in Monday...I had gained what I had lost and then some. All in a week's time.

So, what seems like a depressing reality to me is just simply reality. The reality is this...I have to be not only conscious of what I eat, but VERY conscious. So, I am logging food again. And what I saw today really surprised me.

I logged food for months in the Body Bugg program. Months and months and months. But, I also lost pounds and pounds and more pounds! So by the time I stopped logging I was pretty dead on for estimating my calorie target intake every day. Well, apparently for me that really slides when you add a little this here and a little that there.

I just sat down and logged in breakfast, am snack, lunch, and pm snack. That leaves me with a whopping 450 calories left for dinner. Really? I was pretty sure I had at least 6-700 available. Ouch. But, the most amazing thing wasn't the fewer calories, it was my NUTRITIONAL breakdown. When I was in the big "dropping pounds like crazy" phase of this I had a hard time getting enough fat in my diet. Yeah, you read that right.

So, imagine my surprise when today I logged in what I had eaten thus far and realized that not only was my fat intake WAY off the chart for me for a day, but my sodium was also. Ouch...did I mention OUCH?

Do I love logging my food? NO. But, am I going to get back to doing it to help me get those last 30 (well, more like 35 now) pounds off? YES. Abso-freakin-lutely. Because I didn't work this hard for this long to toss it away. I want to get a comfortable 20-30 pounds away from 200 so that I can absolutely say I will NEVER see the 200's again.

I must admit...I normally have NO problem getting the "calories burned" target in. I can hit that target every day, so I had this false sense of security that I was staying within my "calories consumed" target. Apparently I was hitting the target and then some. Time to get real. Granted, it's the holidays so eating healthy EVERY DAY will be a bit of a challenge, but I intend on being good MOST of the time and over-correcting for those days when I totally blow it.

Stay tuned....

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Heather said...


I am with you. It is time to get back to REALITY when it comes to food consumption! 200's I never never want to see you again. Lori here is to logging our food each and every day.